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My Red Ear Slider Turtles

My 1st RED EAR SLIDER turtles I bought in 2006, just to get them a better home, they have been in a pet shop in a tiny oval plastic bowl. I named them Peter, Heidi, Ernst and Cassandra. In 2010 I took all 4 of them to the office, there is a large pool - but not even a week later 2 of them took off, Ernst and Heidi! Even the pool was covered!I brought the last 2 red ear slider turtles home again, better in a small tank and save!
I was sad, cause 1, Cassandra, died a little later. I didn't want the last one - Peter - to live alone, so I got 3 more on May 23rd 2011, but the older one, Peter, killed the 3new ones in only a few days. I prepared an outside pool which was ready on the 5th of July 2011, so Peter moved.
Lucky me: on the 12th of July 2011 I was able to get 2 huge turtles, Amanda & Anton, from someone who didn't want them no more for Peter outside, and a small one Cassandra again for the now empty tank.
End of August 2011 I was able to get 2 more small ones, named them Bonnie & Clyde, for the single Cassandra in the tank. Begin of September 2011: turtle out door pool got tiled for easier cleaning, now I can see them better and I enjoy to watch them! The sound of the fountain splashing the fresh water lets me relax after work sitting next to the pool. They come close and are begging for food. Often one of them is in the grass part or in the sand/dirt area where they can dig holes to "hide".


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