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How I Started With The Fishes

In Summer 2005 I visited "Punta Rusia" also called "Paradise Island" with my daughter Cassandra and her boyfriend. We were fascinated about all the fishes - even coming to you if you had bread or bananas in your hand. We snorkeled for ages. It was wonderful to see the different kinds of corals and incredible the colors of the fishes, later the mangroves and the pelicans.

A few weeks later I had my first fish tank and some fishes, a little later I completed 6 tanks:
Somebody didn't want to have the salt water fishes plus the 40 gallon tanks no more, so I took them also. It is simply amazing to watch them, and all this just cause the unforgettable visit in PUNTA RUSIA or Paradise Island - a place you must have seen!

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