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My best friend Sultan went over the rain bow bridge today

with 16 years and about 6 months of age....after being with me since September/October 1998, I had found him about 3 months old in a garbage bin.
He became a great dog and perfect friend. He loved all the other dogs and cats, played with just everybody, he does NOT like the gardener!
He had several benches and chairs he loved to rest on, but his favorite was sleeping in my bed for over 16 years.
Even in high age he made it down the 17 steps to the bedroom.
As soon as he entered the bedroom he looked out of the long window to the bird cages - or to make sure I am safe?
Never made holes in the ground or a mess in the garden, he listened from puppy days on and loved his daily snacks.
Sultan actually was raised and protected by my main cat at the time MINKI, cause the former dogs were not crazy about him, MINKI took care of him till he grew up.
The past 15 months his back legs couldn't hold him good up no more, with meds some strength came back and he was able to stay way longer with me - with all of us.
But it got worse again and I carried him outside to pee and in again, then my back couldn't do it no more.
With help of a large towel we made it some how.
The days passed and he looked at me sad, more sad when the small new rescue LUISA came home, but in the only 3days/nights they knew each other she slept with him on his huge towel, like she told him: if you have to go I will be here....
He still loved his snack = liver wurst
Today we had to visit Dr. BOB for the last shot...DEC 1, 2014, 4.15 pm
It is so hard to loose a real friend and specially to have to help so he can go.
I miss him terribly.

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