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In memory of Bacardi

Bacardi became a happy little dog over the years, she loved to play with everybody of the other rescues, yes, she was the boss.

A few smaller sicknesses come up and she DID NOT like water at all, it was a real issue to give her a bath.

2011 some bad allergies occured, she lost almost all fur and bit her skin bloody, her body looked like lots of scars, but with meds over a 30 days period it got better.

In January 14 her face swoll incredible and she had suddenly like a huge double chin, again Dr. Bob and meds.

Last months we went 4 x Dr. Bob, he said she has almost no blood,
vitamins with seringe, helped only a little so, she still ate like crazy.

Today 14th of April :
Bacardi had blood coming from mouth and in pee, didn't eat the last 4 days really,
lots of shaking of teeth since the night before, again next morning to Dr. Bob and some pills.

Starting 11pm seizures and fainting, she tried to get up to pee, but fell,
stayed with her the entire night, inbetween screams, stiffness and shaking.

She always was waiting for me in the door coming home from work and I had to throw a little stone for her to fetch, only sometimes she brought the stone back.
She loved me to say 'wo ist mein steinchen?' (where is my little stone?)
I will miss her so much

on  8th of April 2006 we rescued her close to Bacardi Island/Samana
on 15th of April 2014 she went to the Rain Bow Bridge with only 8 years of age.


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