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This brave rescue female street dog mix was saved in April 1994, a native threw puppies from a basket onto the road when cars came, she was the only one from 5 who could be saved.

Over the years "Jessica" became a great watch dog, she attacked simply anything, even planes,guess she didn't like the noise!
She never liked so much to be touched, if she wanted to be petted she came to me.
Already in young age Jessica had problems with Thyroid - she blew up real big, she was actually on meds the entire live.
In the last past week she wanted to get petted a lot, she laid on my feet and didn't want to go away.
And when she didn't like the liver pate no more I knew she will be going soon.

Last night she was really pushy, followed me every step and I petted her the entire night.
This morning, the 18th of May 2013 we spend the last hours together out side in the sun,where she loved it most. Mine God she is only 9! I stayed with her every minute, talked to her about the life in my rescue house, she had a good life, that is sure and I know she was happy!

Then she went to the rainbow bridge....later we will meet there again.

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