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In Memory of Kimberly

Found her 1998 with 3 other females in a sack on the road between Sosua and Cabarete to be run over by a car.

Was trying to find a home for them with the help of Dr. Bob, but nobody came and adopted one.
So all 4 ended up in my house. I named them KIMBERLY, SAMANTHA, BEVERLY AND JESSIE.
Jessie left us already early, she got poisoned by a frog.
The other 3 loved to play with the other rescues.
Kimberly's favorite spot in summer was a big bowl, she sat right inside to cool off.
Kimberly also had a funny way of walking, like a marching horse, so I called her "Horsy", she loved it. She was always calm, never destroyed anything, never barked for no reason.
On her never really grew fur, just a few hairs on the head, so we bought her outfits.

In 2011 it started: her back and hips made problems, I had to carry her outside to pee and poop.
but with some meds from Dr. Bob she got better again, it was an on and off situation with her.
she loved Liverwurst so she got a lot of it!
But today the 13th of February 2013 she screamed in the morning, we rushed her to Dr. Bob.
He looked at her and said there is nothing I can do no more, I have to let her go.
She had wonderful years, a great live and lots of friends in my house. she will be never forgotten. We will be together again - later under the rainbow bridge...


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