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In memory of Canseco

Canseco was born on the 1st of June 1997 with 7 others.
His Mother Karla and Father Max were really busy and me too.

Canseco was the only one who was always a little aggressive against the other dogs and he didn't like the cats
in my house.
On the 28th of August he had his first stroke and was twisted for a few days.
In September he had another one, but after a few days he was better again.
Then, when better he attacked the other dogs and cats again...I kept him separate from the others.
In the begin of April he suddenly accepted Kimberly to sleep with him on a carpet.
I was wondering about that, she also is getting stiff on the back legs.
Last Friday, the 27th of April, Cansecos' legs got fully stiff, not 1 leg he could use no more.
He was too heavy for me to lift him to go outside to pee and poop.
Dr. Bob said it is time....Today is April 30est 2012, he had his food. Then at 5pm Dr. Bob had to give him the shot
to go to sleep. There was no way of getting him better again this time.
Now he is with Max and Karla (his parents) and all of his other brothers and sisters.
Canseco didn't make it to his birthday on June 2012 he would have been 15 years old.
He was the last living son of My Max and Dona Karla.
I am missing him, but one day we all meet again - under the rain bow bridge.


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