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In Memory of Nikita II

Nikita II was the Chow-Chow I adopted in January 2011:
at the time she was shy and in very bad shape.
In the next few months she learned to enjoy life, ate from hand,
loved cookies and special treats. She had her own carpet and her special place.
In October 2011 she had a little stroke, in December 2011 she had a liver failure
but all was getting better with the meds when I rushed her to Dr. BOB.
In the cold nights of January 2012 she was snuggled in a large towel and shirts I bought for her.
She loved the outfits.
But on the 9th of February 2012 Nikita died on her carpet.

When I came home from work at 9pm she was dead and fully blown up.
Gringo and Sina were laying next to her, she was not alone!

We all will miss her!


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