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In Memory of MINKI my main cat!

Minki I saved in 1987 - she was a great cat, great with dogs and she had 8 beautiful kittens.

Minki was with me for many years, she always gave me great massages, laid on my stomach when I was in pain and caught many mice!

But 1 day I didn't find her in my house. Late at night I saw her in the empty pool. I run to her: the right half of her face was smashed in. I rushed her to Dr. Bob. He said it looks like somebody beat her with a baseball stick. She had many medicines and stitches.
For days I had to give her infusions. She was a good patient, she knew I am trying to help her.

All was fine, she was soon better and healthy again. But on the right eye she was blind.

About half a year later the 3 neighbor dogs - Rottweilers - got her, just 2 days before the neighbors moved away! She often went back over to this house, since we lived there for a short time. She loved dogs, but this ones didn't love her! Minki was 17 years old when she died ! I miss her so much!

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