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In Memory of Leroy

Leroy was one of the puppies from Max and Karla, born 1st of June 1997.

He looked a little like a San Bernard. His fur was just beautiful, thick and long.
Lots of brushing...
He only didn't like the beach or the pool. He just wanted to be petted the entire day. A German family wanted to take him back to Germany - but I decided to keep him. How lucky, later I found out both of the older couple died only a few months later. I would have lost him and then: where would he have found another home then? Leroy loved the new "arrivals" and welcomed them always first. He loved to play with all the new puppies and the cats.

Leroy was 13 years old, when he got sick. His heart and liver didn't function no more right.

We tried all kinds of medicine on him to get him better again, but in August 2010 Dr. Bob had to put him to sleep. He is buried next to his Dad - My Max.

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