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Tony the Rhinozeros Iguana

It happened on 4th of July 2008, am at work, like always - a man walks into the office with an Iguana on a dog leash. That poor animal was already a long time on the leash to be sold.

I felt so bad for him and bought the fully over priced animal. I tried to find out all important things to know about the iguana on the internet. Then I took him to my house. He had right away a large empty bird cage 4m x 6m as a home. I named him TONY. Only a few days later I learned Tony was a girl... I took off the leash and Tony was relieved. In the following days I tried to find him a partner and I did. A bird breeder in Puerto Plata had several and 1 I brought back to Tony. Then the names were Tony and Tanja. Over the next months they had eggs, but Tony bothered Tanja a lot. I learned the cage isn't big enough for them. But I really had no more space.

In 2010 I found them another home. A friend of mine bought a huge farm up in the mountains. He converted the farm into a MONKEY JUNGLE which I love to visit.

When Chuck from the Monkey Jungle picked the 2 Iguanas up I cried. I really did like them and over the months with me they did become tame... Every day I picked many greens from my garden and prepared several fruit plates for them.

Only a couple of months later Chuck told me they had eggs. When Cassandra and I went to the Monkey Jungle they came close to us. What a huge property they had there...with lake and waterfalls, caves and all they have in liberty.

Tears came into my eyes, cause I missed them - but I know they have a better live up there up in the mountains...

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