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postheadericon And there was Hikky!

In the begin of June 2017 a small /short dog came up the road.
Looking almost  like a dachshund,  sausage dog?....

I asked in FB and neighborhood if anybody misses a dog like this, cause pure breeds are rare on street .Some asked for a picture, couldn,t take any he/ she was so shy, took off right away,with tale fully in.

So a few days past, dachshund came daily. With the time he did hide in the empty neighbor house, where is a guy staying in house mostly, Brandon, and a doberman female,named Isis.
Dachshund  was watching me feeding Isis...took days till dachshund finally asked for food and came to my gate. Dachshund made the funniest noises, like a hickup, but back wards!
So I called dachshund Hikky... days passed and Hikky came to gate with this amazing ,bark, asking for food... then I waited next to food bowl, trying to touch Hikky...another week...

Brandon couldn't believe it,we both fed Hikky, and nobody can touch her..we saw by now it's a now end of July.
I am again waiting next to food pot. Hikky came and I could touch Hikky,'s  head...
YES!!! A FEW DAYS LATER Brandon told me owner might come back... problem... they are NOT good with animals at all!! So I ended up making Brandon holding Hikky,  got Nori, my maid and rushed to Dr. Bob!
He kept Hikky ,checked her, we decided to operate her, since she seemed to have already a few babies and all dog's in my house have to be spated/neutered,  since jealousy is big here...

3 days later I could take her home, on a day I had time to introduce...(I changed Hikky,'s name to Karly, since she looked a lot like my parents last dachshund Karly).
It's important for all family members to know there is another. .again...
Dr Bob said she is a sweet and quiet dog. Right... after 4 days only her Hikky  stopped and now she is like all of my others... barking, running, playing... she is getting there , starts to play with the others... has very little times tale hidden... but she is afraid of doors, like she never was allowed to pass a door or go into a house..
hope she enjoys her life now!  And has many years to come!


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