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postheadericon We didn't believe she makes it...

We didn't believe she makes it...

March 12, 2016 another dog came to my entrance, I really think they all just get thrown out here.
Unwanted  so bring her to Andrea...
Again Nori, my maid since 18 years, said there is a puppy soooo skinny in the door.
The dog followed her when she went to clean another house across.
But came back with her to hopefully get inside.
I answered: you know I have too many already, I don't even want to see it. Well, the usual, I checked on the by now crying pup, brought a some food and clean water out side.
I have seen a lot but this one didn't eat in days, a larger dog, female of course, I could count each bone.
The food plate I had to refill 3 x and still, she wanted more.
What a beautiful face and what beautiful, but very sad eyes.

After an hour sitting with her on the ground telling her my house is a nut house, and full, she still didn't go away. So I took her in....
Following Monday I brought her to Dr. BOB, cause she was so bad in shape, he added meds and liquid, he kept her a few days hoping to get her strength back and put some weight on this super skinny dog, before she could really be with some of mine.
We both didn't believe she has a chance. I visited her daily, she didn't eat the dry food, but I brought always home cooked, she loved it.
When I went back to Dr. BOB again - after a full check up - I expected already bad news like on the Chow Chow a few months back left half dead close to my entrance.
He said she has the will to live but it will take way more time and lots of patience, since she is still so weak. we went home and I mentioned to her 3 names, she reacted to none. Not good.
I fed her 3 and 4 times a day, extra liver wurst and special cookies, she couldn't eat bones at all.
I had to keep her away from my other dogs, nobody liked her and also she was a kind of tall with a long tail and huge ears, not neutered ...not easy to introduce this to my crazy crowd.
I could not let her into my house, so she stayed in my other house with Milagro or Milli, after an hour she/Milli finally accepted her.
Again I tried names, had 8 so far, and 'it' finally reacted to 'FELICIA', so 'FELICIA' = HAPPINESS
has a name, a home and she also put finally weight on. I designed some dog houses with windows for weather emergency, 1 for MILLI and 1 for FELICIA, they LOVE their cushions and bones in it.
Wished 1 day they all could play together, but there is jellousy, so I have to keep certain dogs apart from others.
But the important part is they all have a home, somebody who cares, good food and fresh water, a vet, a special house to sleep in/if not my bed, toys and doggie friends...and many years of good to come!


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