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And Then Rescue #13:

I went with a client today - 27th of NOV 2014 - to see a condo for rent by Luis, when we left, just entering my car,
I saw a badly limping small black 'thing' trying to go onto a side walk where they sell BBQ chicken, right in town center of Sosua.
I wanted to pass (not more dogs, not more problems to have), but I HAD to stop to check on 'it':
A tiny puppy, maybe 5 or 6 weeks old, very bad fur, lots of it missing, completely bloated from worms,
loaded with ticks, flees and scratches, when I touched her to check the legs, 'it' was shaking and FULL OF OIL!
somebody put the entire dog full of old cooking oil!!!
some 10+  Dominicans were watching me, I asked whom is that dog,
of course NOBODY WAS the owner. 2 of them told me to take it home and laughed, 
they added: somebody through it out of a car there this morning...right, I answered
I have already 12 rescues...The puppy looked at me all sad.

Right away I called  Dr. BOB and said I need help, God thanks he was still in the clinic. 
After he saw that little pup in that plastic bag he send 'it' to be bathed by JACK his helper.
We saw 'it' is a girl, of course, here they always throw the females away!
Dr. BOB said to come back tomorrow afternoon to let me know if she will be having a chance, how bad in shape 
she is and then maybe I can take her home. 
Well, number 13 will be in my house tomorrow, am thinking already about a name.
Hope her little back legs will heal over the time.
The fur problem, ticks, flees etc will be taken care off also! 
bad in shape...
all my rescues I found half dead and all of them became beautiful dogs, sometime its noisy so....

but somebody will be happy tomorrow!
Well, yes, she has a chance, I picked her up, Nov 28, brought her home to my 'crazy' Dog House, after 
only minutes of introduction she was welcome, some of my other dogs even tried to play with her. 
I named her LUISA, she will be soon healthy, maybe even will heal on her hip.

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