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postheadericon WELL new year - 2016 - starts....furfect


since 2 days/nights dogs went nuts, noses up...smelling, barking, growling.
I didn't know why...
this morning, Nori, my maid came in and said she had to lock a dog into the empty 
bird cage next door, since she, the dog, tried hard to force herself into the garden.

for nothing she could stop the little 1 so the only way was the bird cage...

I was NOT happy and said she can take it/him/her home. 
Nori said she cannot cause they kill dogs in her area and she has no fence 
in/around her house...I was even more unhappy.

After finishing the bird fruit plates and feeding my other 13 rescues...

I went to see the dog in the bird cage 'jail'...a girl, of course, small size, jumping like crazy

and wagging tale.

I tried to put the food and water into the cage, right, she didn't want it.

she snug out of the cage and run like crazy over to MY house, like she needs to be there.

well, I locked most of my others inside, since they are jealous and took them out in groups of 2 or introduce..

was NOT easy and took ages, since some of them are spoiled, the boss, jealous etc.

like : what another one??

after about 4h most problems were solved and they played but not all of them, like Gucci ...

ABIGALE is about 3 months old and I guess she was brought to my house. I had a few calls the passed days - if I can take more dogs in - they have no space, no time etc...
I said, sorry, my house is full...didn't help.

well now we are on 14 - again....she is cute and pretty, but needs a ton of attention

lets see how it works out -

hope she has a good and long life in my crazy home.


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