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postheadericon And then we rescued Jennifer

Since almost 2 years, I hear about a CHIHUAHUA GIRL in Playa Dorada ,
who has been left behind by a Dominican Family there.
I also went out there September 2014 to get her, (another tourist had contacted me about her again), but there was NO way to touch her, she always went into this whole under a restaurant there.I also heard she had puppies....
on March 24 I received this mail from Darren:

I really don't know if you can help or if you can point me in the right direction but we know of a chihuahua that needs help.

We are currently in the Dominican Republic on holiday and leave for the UK tomorrow but we have found a chihuahua in the Puerto Plata region.
Myself and my wife are avid dog lovers and have been providing this little dog with water and food for the last week. She is very scared and nervous around people and will not let anyone approach her.
Over the last week we have gotten closer to her.
She lives under a deserted bar/grill. I have attached a photo of her so you can see but we both fear for her and would to see her re homed/rescued. I really don't know if you can help and like I say maybe even point in the direction of someone who can but any help would be greatly appreciated. ...

well, after several other mails we made an appointment for next morning 10am since they had to go to airport at 11am.
It took Jenny about 20 minutes to get the doggy out of her hole.
Since she was so terrible scared Jenny also carried her to the car.
Not having a transport cage with me we had to lay her into the trunk.

We finally arrived in my 'crazy' house...was not easy to get her into garden, even more difficult to introduce her to most of my 12 other rescue dogs, she is so scared and also tried to bite 1 of my others. almost 1 hour later its a bit better.
Since Darren and Jennifer from UK found her and helped to take her home I named the new one JENNY....

Hope she will get used to all here and has a long and happy life with all of us.


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