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August 30, 2014 

Hello there
Myself and boyfriend Johnny are holidaying in Puerto Plata, Gran Ventana Resort. There is a very sick dog on the beach. It is extremely thin and has sores on it's skin. We got it medicine from the vets and gave it a jag and this is to be done 2 more times however the dog is now very scared and needs urgent medical help.

Can you please help

Thank you
well, after quiet a few mails about the dog, how bad in shape she is etc and what to do we met on the 1st of September in their hotel.
Nikki was playing with her on the beach, they called her TARA.. wow, she has no more fur, bad skin, stuff coming out of the eyes, skinny and soooo shy.
I could not even take her on the leash. Nikki carried her without shoes ALL the way back to my car.
Both,Johnny and Nikki drove with me to go to my vet Dr. BOB in Sosua. He said it takes a long treatment and later a special diet cause this skin sickness always can come back. Nikki even stayed with Tara in the cage for a while not to be scared no more.
Since I am sure I keep the female dog I changed her name to NIKKI.
Don't know yet how to manage her coming home, my other 11 dogs lately are really jealous....
But - where is a will there is a way, right?

back to 12 again...




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