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Christmas 2013

Several times I saw that very skinny middle size dog on the street when I was going to work, shopping and to the gas station, but always on the way back when I was looking for "it" I didn't see "it" no more.
This morning, 21st of December 2013, driving to the office - there "it" was again.
I saw a person I know talking to "it", I believed he will take "it" home. But most street dogs specially sick ones will be left to die - alone!

I left the office late, drove up the road to my home and saw some bags of garbage.
"It" was right next to the garbage, I didn't see it right away.
I checked carefully the scared dog and saw "it" is a boy, beautiful face but incredible sad eyes, sick and shaking!
I guess the rain of the last weeks didn't help his situation at all.
For sure somebody left the Island and him on the street....

I drove home quick, got some dog food and a leash and went back, but he didn't eat any of it, he just had his tale in between the legs and looked at me fearful.
It started raining like crazy, so I put him on the leash and carried him into my car.
Just a few 100 meters drive and we made it to my "Animal-Kingdom", my dog house.
Took me almost 3h to introduce each dog and cat to him.
My other 11 dogs usually don't accept a new larger dog, specially no BOY, but we made it.
Sooo skinny, its a miracle he is still walking, his nails are over an inch long, there are a few minor bruises on his body, dirt, flees, infected toes etc...I guess he is like 1 year old.
Hope on Monday is Dr. Bob in his clinic to give my new rescue a check up and soon he has to be neutered.

Since it is Christmas - Noel in Spanish I named him 'Noel'.
Hope he learns to listen to this name and learns how to eat.
And has a lot of nice and happy years in my home - his home!

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