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The Littlest Hobo, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

this mail reached me on the 5th of June 13, from Danielle Hansen/Canada:

Are you going to Puerto Plata? My name is Hobo and I could really use a little assistance from you. I live on Playa Dorada in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, mostly in front of the Barcelo resort.

I am very friendly and I just need a little food, water and love every day to keep me going. Water with ice is challenging for me to drink, so my last friend just got a plastic cup of water,without ice, from her bartender at her resort for me. I really appreciated that

If you are kind enough to bring me some meat and I don't eat it, please don't assume I don't like or want it. I just need it broken into bite size pieces to be able to eat it. I'm reallyyyyy cute;

you could do that for me couldn't you. I do ask that if you are wonderful enough to feed and water me that you please do so discreetly. Not everyone loves animals the way you do, especially in high-traffic tourist areas. The resorts and vendors have been kind enough to let me stay so far, but I really try to stay under their radar and not call attention to myself.

Lastly... If I am lucky enough to meet you, would you mind telling your animal-loving friends at your resort? Perhaps they are staying longer than you and will take over once you go home. I would be the happiest puppy in the world if someone was always around for me. I really can't make it out here on my own.

I can't wait to meet you ...


I went out and tried to find her, after about 20 minutes searching under all the sun chairs I found her sleeping. I tried to pet her, after a few moments we played a little and I got her to follow me.

But when we are almost leaving the beach to go to the car an Italian family called her over to give her food and to play. She stayed with them and didn't want to come with me. I actually wasn't too worried about her and I am currently not in the best financial position to take in another dog.

I wrote back:

"The Littlest Hobo" is fine and well fed, checked on her today, will keep on checking. Maybe I can find a home for her, she is in Puerto Plata area and added some pictures.

update ninth of June 13:

Help will soon be on it's way for our little beauty! Hopefully she's still on Playa Dorada. Thank you, Andrea; you truly are an angel....

update from Danielle: 6th of July 2013

We have had some incredible news! We have found a forever home for Hobo Unfortunately, due to flight restrictions, we cannot get her to her new family until November. So once a spot becomes available, she will be safe and boarded with our wonderful friends of the AAAS (link shared yesterday - aka Dogs and Cats of the Dominican Republic) until she can fly out in November. What we need now is some assistance in contributing to her boarding costs at the AAAS.

Dog food is ridiculously expensive in the DR, unfortunately, and Hobo of course will need some medical care. $10 even will help. That change on your dresser there? Bet it would help For our Alberta friends, I know we are giving everything we can right now to help with the flooding damage. Maybe you can still afford to give, if not, we understand. I would sure be forever grateful if anyone is able to contribute anything.

A new beautiful friend who has never met me or Hobo has generously donated a month of boarding costs for Hobo. I would love to tag all of you here who have assisted but FB isn't letting me tag. You know who you are and I love you all so much for helping this beautiful little girl finally be safe and loved I'm just so overwhelmed. Please contact me directly if you have any questions or if you would like to contribute.

I can help you with any of it

we had the warning of Hurricane CHANTAL for the next days:

Danielle contacted EVERYBODY to get Hobo from the beach into savety, but it was 7pm evening, I was busy with my own animals to bring them in. we mailed a lot to up date. She wrote a friend is maybe picking her up now. If not I would have gotten her next morning!

update ..... 10th of July 13 Hobo is safe!!!!

Hobo is safe at AAAS! Arrangements are being made to get her to Canada and her adopter. Thank you Marina Jellinek for coming to the rescue and getting her off the beach, Denise McLean,Marlea Oates, Robin Morrison Babcock, Brent Babcock for being her angels and helping with expense of getting her to her new home, Tina for adopting this wonderful dog (who has caused quite a commotion), Danielle Hansen for seeing her plight and getting the ball rolling and thank you AAAS with assisting us in saving another Dominican dog.

All of you are wonderful and special and I love you lots! Thoughts and prayers are with my Hobo and all of my new friends in the Dominican. I pray this storm doesn't hit hard. Be safe. Well soon she will be flying out to Canada - Chantal turned and didn't leave big damage on the North Coast, just lots of rain and heavy winds.

We all were lucky again. Thanks to GOD!



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