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postheadericon "Lucy" went to Oregon today!

 "Lucy" went to Oregon today!


On November 13, 2012 I received mails from Stacy M. she wrote a female dog is in big danger in Cabarete.
A man Antonio working in a surf camp is trying to kill her. Antonio was saying that he would.
He says she is a "bitch" & just causes problems since she doesn't belong here. Today he grabbed her up by the scruff of her neck & physically threw her down the road as she was screaming, then he said he may take her off to the mountains & dump her.
She is sweet & just wants to be loved, Stacey added.
"Lucy" the dog is so shy and is hiding always by Stacey she told me, she must have been beaten before.

All I could do at the moment was recommend DR. BOB, cause he knows about papers needed and all.
Stacey had no phone and I had no Internet working, also I couldn't talk after 2 surgeries in my teeth.
Dr. Bob was preparing all papers, she had all injections and things needed from before.
Today 15th of Novemeber 12 Stacey was driving several times from Cabarete to the airport.
When I finally came out of the dentist at 1 pm I drove also to the airport to see if all went good.
Yes, she was already in "carga"!!! I was soooooo happy.
 So I was waiting and hoping for meeting Stacey finally, several girls on check in helped me finding Stacey, at 3.20 pm she came. I was so happy, all papers for the dog got brought to us.
Stacey is leaving now on United Airlines with "LUCY" - she finally will have a better live what she deserved so much!
On the way to the plane Stacey said she hopes Lucy will be fine with her other rescue dog in her home - a dog who was rescued in Mexico! Finally a HAPPY ENDING - if there only would be more.
 just got a mail from Stacey - BOTH REACHED HOME WELL !!!


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