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Black Chow Chow


On Saturday the 27th of April 2012 a lady called me:
she needs me to get the black Chow Chow male TODAY from her home or she will send him to get killed.
I know the dog since about 2 years - he is always on the 4th floor roof top, always alone, just eats rice !
When I bring him a snack or meds he gives the paw. A beautiful and friendly dog.
She said she couldn't afford meds, so I took care most of the time.

After that call I quickly drove to her home, Tommy like always on the roof top all by himself.
She told me she walked the dog - she did so ONCE a month!!! and the dog killed a chicken today.
The chicken owner went to the police and said it was a valueable fighting rooster.
She went to jail for that chicken !! had to pay $300 to get out and hated the dog for it.

I just put him into my car to take him home when she added:
he never had a rabies shot and has tics and hates other male dogs.... His fur was bad in shape.
So I brought him to Dr. Bob for a bath and all needed meds, to pick him up on Monday.
We got him to a cage, but he was attacked from a boxer through the fence, Tommy fought back.
I thought oops, not good for my house...
Monday -Tuesday the following week I brought people to see the Chow to get him a new home, but cause of a
fur allergy they decided to take the boxer.

Tommy was neutered by now, bathed, he barked at all the surrounding chickens.
Dr. Bob said he cannot hold him for too much longer, we need to find a home.
Adds in papers, pictures on Supermarkets, but nobody called for him.
I got really worried and was thinking about possibilities.
And today the 16th of May 2012 finally a Swiss man called me, he couldn't afford to pay for the dog,
the operations, treatments and all, so with a very special deal he took Tommy to his new home:
a nice private villa with a garden !
NO MORE ROOF TOP, NO MORE loneliness and we all are SOOOOO happy!


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