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Canseco had 2 strokes

23rd of August 2011 day of Hurricane Irene

4am Canseco got up, dizzy, shaking, threw up.
26th of August 2011 same, believe he had a 2nd stroke. Dr. Bob gave meds for heart and epilepsy
He didn't take for 3 days no food/water, just laying there, day 4 a little better.
29th of August 2011 he will not be put to sleep, he started eating a little and got up, wagged his tale!
31st of August0 2011 a little better, ate some meat and liverwurst.
11th of September:  he tried to get up and made it a few steps, still crooked.
21st of September 11 he got up by himself and walked a few steps, but still crooked.
27th of September he walks little by little, but his head is not in the right position yet,
but am glad he is sooooo much better now!

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