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Again somebody threw 2 kittens on the street, maybe 4 to 6 weeks old:

My neighbor called me 7.30pm yesterday evening, July 14, 2017 that he heard a crying and then he saw 2 tiny kittens and he doesn't know what to do. I told him I cannot take cats in since my 15 rescue dogs hate cats.
I have 1 street cat living here but in the pump house, here she is hiding and eating, she also has her bed there.

Ok so we went down the street, and called mutschi mutschi.
Suddenly they came out of the bushes, pretty, 3 colored ones, fully shy, not way of touching them.
We really tried for almost 2 hours...
Suddenly a motorcycle stopped with 2 police men on asking what we are doing. I explained, they didn't believe me, till the kittens screamed and came again close.
The 2 police men went of their bike, and also tried and tried, the babies always took off, just before any of us had a chance.
I almost gave up. 1 of the police man said I got 1!!!
Which I took and did pet her to calm her down.
The 2nd one was way more difficult, another half hour and no success...
I had to make the 1st baby scream, then finally the 2nd came again out of the bushes and the police man could grab her.
Man, exhausted and thankful to the 2 police who even didn't ask for money!!!
My neighbor said he never had such an experience...
we went back home, 1 kitten wrapped in my shirt, the other in a bucket with lid...

I had no other place to put them than in an empty bird cage, added water, softened food with canned meat and rice.
The went like crazy on the bowl.
Later I added a thick cushion from my dogs as bed...
My dogs went nuts, tried to jump the cage, I had to keep my dogs locked away from this part of the garden. So they barked and screamed cause the dogs know the cats are there.... had NO SLEEP !!!

Well next morning I told my maid Nori what happened, she wanted them both.
In a transport box Nori took them to her home after work...
Am so happy, cause in Nori's house they have a good home and a back yard later. Now they have a chance for a good life!


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