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Minki, Stacey & LUCKY

In 1987 a wild cat was having babies in the office upstairs. We didn't know about till she, the mother, came down stairs, fell and got killed on the stair case. A little later we heard noises, after checking up on them we found 5 babies.

I took 2 of them - named them Minki and Stacey. A friend took the other 3. It was not easy raising this tiny ones by hand. My friend called a few days later asking for the kittens. I told her how nice they grew and all is fine.
She replied that 1 of her kittens died, another one isn't doing too good either. Next day I went to see them, the second one was also dead. She fed them carnation milk from a can!

I took the last one and named her Lucky. She was lucky to survive. Minki, Stacey and Lucky have been with me for a number of years. But not too lucky after all. A Dominican neighbor killed Stacey and Lucky with rocks. He believed this 2 cats killed his chickens.

Again I moved from the neighborhood. Much later he told me he is sorry, he found out it wasn't my cats! Minki later had 8 babies - I was able to find good homes for all of them.

Minki always was with Sultan like a mother when this shy little puppy arrived in my home in 1999. He really believed Minki was his Mom, he always slept and played with her.

When Dr. Bob was supposed to spading her he called me:
Sorry he said, she attacked him, scratched his entire face and took off!

I was furious, MY MINKI !!!
I drove all over day and night looking for her and calling her. Nothing...

After 9 days she was in the huge tree in front of my house. A hardly to hear miau and she jumped at me from the tree. Skinny she was. I was so happy. Still a few weeks later she went back and got operated to not have more babies.

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