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Cigua Palmera - A National Bird Of The Dominican Republic!


Each year the same problem:
The fruit on the king palm trees are ready - they look like red olives - natives come, climb up and cut EVERYTHING down, not to have to buy food for the pigs. But with the branches they cut off all the huge nests of the "Cigua Palmera" fall about 15 meters down, the bird babies get eaten from the ants or starve to death. The bird parents fly around like lost and cannot do nothing about it.
It takes many weeks for the birds to prepare the nests! Each year I am running to save at least some of them. It is very difficult to hand feed them, their peak is not like on the parrots. They need long till they eat by themselves and stay incredible shy and very nervous. My house is always a mess from feathers, seeds and all.

The Cigua Palmera also is supposed to be protected here! Last time I had to raise 68 by hand - only 1 didn't make it. I collected many leaves and berries for them till they finally were weened. I let them free when they were ready to go, but 5 took longer. When the time came to free the last 5 it was amazing: they stayed on the fence, came flying back to me, other Ciguas flew by - the 5 flew back to the fence, turned, looked at me like good-bye and then they left with the others.
I hope they make it out there

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