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KIKO the Red Lory Female

Kiko I found in a pet shop in Puerto Plata in 1997. She was with no feathers in a tiny cage she couldn't even move.
The owner wanted to sell the Lory, since she is a dirty bird....
Kiko became tame so quick and enjoys the Lory soup and the fruits. They fed her sunflower seeds before !! Kiko speaks - hardly to hear - in English, some French and Spanish. She must have had several owners in her live and all gave her away!
A year later I was able to find her a partner "Coqui", also from someone who didn't want the bird no more,
this bird was left to die...
But some years later on Coquis neck grew a big bubble. Even my friend Dr. Laura Spading from Minnesota couldn't help, since the bird couldn't be exported for an operation and here are no vets for birds.
Coqui still lived for many years with Kiko together. The eggs hatched only ones, but the baby didn't survive.
Coqui died 2010 on Christmas day...
Now I try to spend a lot of time with Kiko, she is surrounded by all the other birds and never alone no more!

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