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Maria - The Blue and Yellow Macaw

In September 3rd 2009 a man came to me and wanted to sell me his "baby" Macaw since he wants to leave the Island.
I went to see the bird and saw right away the bird was in very bad shape and sick. NO feathers on the chest at all from wrong food, if she did get any at all, the wings are half cut off!!!!
One of his employees told me he didn't want to take care of the Macaw, there was hardly food for the bird over months.

Since the owner didn't want to buy a cage they simply CUT both of his wings half off!!! This Macaw, I named her Maria, took many months to recover. Today she is so happy with her daily fruit plates, nuts and seeds. She sings in Spanish: "Merry Christmas", "Happy Birthday" and several other songs... In the few years she is with me she learned all the dog names, she calls also me and my helpers by name!

How can somebody cut of the wings? The man is still here, he also was lying to me.... Maria also was not a baby when I was able to rescue her! This bird will be never able to fly again. I have to keep her in a smaller cage, since the other macaws are in a very large aviary and yes, they can fly!
Today Maria is happy and most feather grew back!

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