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postheadericon Finally ... 2 Macaw Babies !!!

Finally ... 2 Macaw Babies !!!

Yes, after waiting almost 20 years...
it was Sunday, 10 of September in 2017, after Hurricane Irma, I went to the cage of these macaws to re fill food, the female attacked me and crawled into a long coconut trunk.
She really didn't want me close, but I could trick her, when she was on her food and fruit plate.
I first heard a very strange noise, looking in I could see 2 babies and 1 more egg!
I was so exited....
So days went by, when ever I could I checked the trunk.
But on Nov 15, 2017, 1 of my helpers said: some is wrong, mother no come to eat.
I run to the nest/trunk and saw her underneath of the babies, just her tail was sticking up.
I pull her up, worms fell of her... I panicked a bit.
Another lady having macaws here and breeding them invited me to her house to get tips and huge help from her.
So I hurried back to cage/nest/trunk, we loosened and laid down the trunk, got the babies out, destroyed all the worms still in trunk.
Then we prepared a corner of the cage with a large tray and saw dust, for the babies to be dry and warm. The father just watched and never helped, like feeding his kids. He is just screaming for hours for his 'wife'...
Today its 5 days we hand feed the babies and they stopped 'attacking' us when coming to cage.
1 is sometimes like shaking, but she got better.
I hope they make it, soooo beautiful they are, and me waiting such a long time.. I hope they grow up and old and have a good live in my home.

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