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They made it back !!!

On June 20, 2014 2 of my Macaws took of from their (red) cage.
They tried to find their way in again, but my dogs...
I tried to catch them, but was wearing a wide shirt, it moved too much in the strong wind and scared them fully off.
Over weeks I got calls, people telling me where they are, Panorama Village, Sea Horse Ranch, Perla Marina....Hide Away Beach...Casa Linda...
they are coming closer again.... but since they are not tame they didn't come down to the cage.
Often they flew above my house and my other birds called them, like Oct 18, 2016 and Dec 20,16 but there was a construction next to my house with lots of noises
and they flew away again.
Over 2 years passed.... on January 17, 2017 my maid came in and said:
your babies are right on top of 1 of the cages... I run out side and there they were... with almonds, bread/integral and passion fruit pieces I was able to catch 1 of them (9am !!!) in the double door in 1 of my cages... but the 2nd one kept on flying away, came back, tried to go to his partner.. flew away again, for hours... I almost gave up.
Again I collected almonds and passion fruit and bread, went inside of the double door to place them, and THERE THE 2ND MACAW FLEW RIGHT ONTO my shoulder, crabbed the food... and I closed the door....
Almost 3 years !!!! Their original cage was taken by another bird couple.
But my welder man Jando could prepare me in just 2 days another large cage for them...
I am so happy they are back and secure now again, they were starving out there.
Many people here just shoot birds down for being scared of them or bored or to catch them to sell them...
It took long for them to get in good health again, and get all feathers back, they must have had a hard time out there....


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