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postheadericon Today January 5th 2013 my "Coco" died.


I bought the very sick Salmon Crested Molukken Cacatu from somebody in October 2004 to save him and to get him healthy again.
My friend veterinarian from Minnesota, USA, Laura Spading later made a test and we knew:
Coco is a girl. We had wonderful years together, even so Coco became really jeallous.
He screamed when the phone rang, when somebody came to fix some in the house or garden.
Coco wanted to be always next to me. Did I arrive home from work he screamed till I sat with him
and we had dinner together, he loved !!! mashed Potatoes! well and a sip of beer.
In the last few days he was different, didn't even want that sip of beer no more.
he started shaking and had extreme cold feet. The warming lamp helped a little and we cuddled
together, he kissed me on the cheek.  Then he only ate as long as I did hold the cup.
Yesterday and today I had to force him to eat baby bird food with a syringe.
Today he didn't want to be petted and he didn't want to cuddle.
When I came back from work he was dead already.
I will miss him/her soooo much, I will miss that screaming, the cuddles and the drinking beer together.


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