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Hello my name is Andrea Thumeyer.
I am living in the Dominican Republic since May 1985 and rescued right away the first dogs.
Over the years I have rescued far over 50 dogs - and kept most of them, 20 + cats, hundreds of birds, turtles, rabbits, iguanas, fishes and more.
Stray cats and dogs are here so many and they do need help, they do need a home !
I try to show to the people in the Dominican Republic, that pet ownership, although challenging at times, can be one of the most rewarding things you can do.
And YES - Many of the people I do know have animals now!
All dogs and cats in my home are well cared for and are given a nice, comfortable bed/chair in clean accommodation
with plenty of food, vet care from DR BOB and most importantly: lots of love and attention.
All the birds have huge cages, they do feel like they are free, the turtles have a large pond now also.

I do never turn down  animals because they require additional medical treatment, like Karla (back problems), Kimberly (no fur and always cold), Canseco (Eye problems), Jessica (thyrod problems).....

But that all costs money... I could need some help - well yes, WE do need your help!

Please consider any amount donation to help sponsor one of these wonderful dogs or cats!

I can't continue saving more animals without your help. Thank you in advance!!





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